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Shanty Town is a small 2D battle action murder game.  I wish this game existed when I was a kid, so I decided to make it.

I really enjoy a lot of the throw back retro platform shooters that are coming out but a lot of them are missing local vs coop.  Choose one of four players, walk over weapon caches to automatically equip a new weapon.  You do not have unlimited ammo, however, the bullets are persistent, walk over a group of them to reload.  Even if you lack a weapon or someone is hogging all the bullets, you're never unarmed.  Beat the snot out of fools with your fists or the butt of your gun.  Knife was OP at one point, had to nerf.

There are no health bars.  Pay attention to your bloody and bruised face at the top of the screen, if it looks like you're about to die, be careful.

BE SURE TO ADJUST YOUR KEY BINDINGS BEFORE YOU PLAY.  The game was made with controllers in mind.

Many bugs exist in the game, finding time to fix them is tough.  Hit me up with any questions, comments, or ideas for improvements.  The game is very much in alpha stages.


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